Consumer Rates

NEW & USED Cars, Trucks, Vans, and Motorcycles*

Term APR*
24 mos 3.75%
36 mos 3.75%
48 mos 3.75%
63 mos 3.75%
72 mos 4.25%
78 mos 5.25%

NEW & USED Motor Homes (RV's) and Boats*

Term APR*
36 mos 5.00%
60 mos 6.00%
84 mos 7.50%
96 mos 8.00%
120 mos 9.50%

NEW & USED Misc.*

Vehicles, Jet Ski, Off Road MC, ATV's, Appliances, and Etc.

Term APR*
36 mos 8.00%


Term APR*
36 mos 12.00%

*Some items require Proof of Insurance

(Min Amt $300)

Share and Certificate Secured Loans

Term APR*
Percentage rate above Share or Certificate Dividend Rate Max Term cannot exceed term of Certificate Varies

Overdraft Protection

Term APR*
- 18.00%


Interest rates listed are APR = annual percentage rate. All rates are subject to credit approval and are subject to change without notice. Rates apply to new ECU loans and refinances from other financial institutions. All rates listed are "as low as". Your rate and your term will be determined by your credit score and security offered.

All interest rates printed are fixed rates.

Maximum interest rate allowed on any type of loan is 21.00%.

Deductible for Full Insurance Coverage

For loans requiring full coverage insurance, the maximum deductible will be $1000.00. Any deductions over $1000.00 will require prior written approval by the credit union.

Late Payment Fee (Only on loans made after June 1, 1998)

Assessed when payment is more than 10 days past due.

Amount is 5.00% of unpaid amount of installment payment or $25.00, whichever is less.

Late payment fee is assessed on all types of loans.