Free Financial Counseling & Education


Balance Financial Fitness Program

As an EquiShare Credit Union member, you have access to BALANCE, a financial education and counseling service dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. BALANCE offers unbiased, general advice as well as in-depth financial counseling. Here are some of the ways BALANCE can assist you:

  • Teaching skills for balancing your checkbook, buying a home, and setting goals.
  • Budget creation assistance.

  • Reviewing your credit report.
  • Negotiating with creditors and creating a debt management plan.
  • Preventing bankruptcy.

BALANCE also offers BalanceTrack, a personal finance education center. Here you have access to their publications library, which provides information about housing, credit and debit management, investing, taxes and more. It may help you find answers to some immediate financial questions.

Free Financial Counseling with our certified in-house Financial Counselors

EquiShare Credit Union members also have access to our internal team of Certified Financial Counselors. They are available by appointment, and their services are free of charge to members.

Not only is our counseling free to EquiShare members, we are never pushy about selling our products and services. Unlike most regular banks, our staff is not burdened by sales quotas, so we can focus on helping our members and our community.

Contact an EquiShare Certified Financial Counselor at 316-263-6171. They're happy to set an appointment to discuss your personal financial needs.