Account Management Forms


Loan Application - To apply for one of our great loan products, click here to apply online.

Automatic Loan Payments - Sign up to schedule your monthly loan payment to be automatically withdrawn from your bank account. Simply follow the instructions on this form and return it to us along with a voided check.

Cancel ACH Payments - If you no longer wish to have your loan payment automatically deducted from your account, sign and return this form to one of our branches.  Please allow at least THREE business days for processing before payments will be cancelled.

Deferment Request - To apply for a loan payment deferment, fill out this form, get signatures from all co-signers, and return it to one of our branches along with any deferment fees required.

Overdraft Options - Use this form to customize the Overdraft Protection options for your account.  You may transfer funds from your share account, from a special savings account, from your ODP loan, from another checking account, or any combination of accounts.

Debit Card Overdraft Privilege form - Don't get declined at the register! Opt-in for overdraft coverage for your debit card today!

Overdraft Line of Credit Application - Protect your account and save on overdraft fees by opening an Overdraft Protection Line of Credit.

Automatic Transfer Form - Automate your savings by scheduling automatic transfers between your EquiShare CU accounts.

Stop Payment Request - Fill out this form to request cancellation of a check or ACH payment that has not been processed yet. Fees will apply.

Member Services Request - Update your account information or add Payable on Death beneficiaries to your accounts.  Please speak to a Member Service Representative for assistance with completing this form.