Save Now For Next Year’s Holiday Spending

Save now for Next Year's Holiday Spending

The holidays are over, and (hopefully) so is the season of overeating and overspending. Although the average person only gains two to five pounds during the holidays, that same person may pile on 40 percent more debt on their credit cards during that same time.

Fortunately, there are some ways to curb your debt for next year:

  • Utilize EquiShare Credit Union’s Christmas Club account to save all year long
  • Start saving in January. Set aside $10 a week and you’ll have $520 dollars by the end of December.
  • Give up one small thing each week like your coffee, a restaurant lunch or a movie. Stash that money in your savings account.
  • Stockpile gifts and stocking stuffers all year long by shopping for deals and clearance sales. 
  • Layaway options at retail stores are a great way to avoid getting yourself into too much credit card debt.

By starting your holiday saving now, you won’t put yourself into debt then. As for the extra pounds? Sorry, we can’t help you with that!