Don't let Summer Burn your Budget

Dont let Summer Burn Your Budget

Summer has a magical quality that practically demands fun activities, gathering with friends and making memories. This summer, put some sharing principles to work to ensure your warm weather fun helps fill your memory bank, but doesn’t empty your wallet.

Share childcare. 
While kids are out of school, childcare costs can rack up. Consider partnering with other families and hire a nanny to watch your kids together. Or rotate with other parents to supervise all of your kids. Its likely kids will enjoy the time with their friends and you can save some childcare expenses.

Together with your shared sitter or fellow parents, plan out your kids’ days like a summer camp. Research your community to find free or affordable activities like visiting a museum, shopping at a farmers market and cooking a meal, hiking in a local park or biking around a scenic area.

Let guests contribute. Summer and barbeques are practically synonyms. Host these classic summer gatherings without spending a fortune by having a plan when a guest asks, “What can I bring?”. 
As a host, you will likely provide the main dish, but ask guests to bring a side. Request a specific dish or use an online signup to avoid having too much of one thing.  

Borrow tables, chairs and coolers to save money on items you would rarely use outside of your event. 

Provide basic beverages such as water, lemonade or light beer, AND ask guests to bring specific beverages they may want. With so many fun drink recipes and craft beers available, having a mixture of guest-provided beverages can create a fun topic of conversation, and save you money.