Seven Ways to Save on Back-To-School

Sevem Ways to Save on Back-To-School

The average family spends $600 on school supplies every year, and unfortunately many families forget to budget for it. Here are some ways you can save on school supplies:


Review your existing supplies.

Review the school supply list and see what you already have. Many items come in packs, like pens or pencils, and your child may not use them all in one year.   In addition, review your child’s wardrobe so that you can buy only what they need.  This is also a great time to donate clothes that they don’t need anymore.


Shop the sales, and only the sales.

Every week during the back-to-school season, office supply stores will have extreme sales on a few select items.  Resist the urge to complete your school shopping in one trip; if you buy only the deeply discounted items, you’re getting a great deal.  Get the sale items every week all summer long, and you will have almost the entire supply list for your child - for pennies on the dollar!


Browse the thrift store.

Before you head to the mall, stop by a thrift store, where you will find surprisingly good quality clothes for your children at excellent prices.  You might not find their entire wardrobe there, but you can cut down on how much you buy at full price.


Buy generic.

Avoid name brand supplies when you can. Most of the time, you can substitute generics and there isn’t much of a difference.


Team up and think big.

Go in with other families and buy items in bulk. Often, warehouse stores like Sam’s Club or Costco will have bulk supplies which you can purchase at a lower price per item.


Research online deals.

Sometimes online retailers, like Amazon, will have school supplies available at the same or a lower cost. Just make sure you’re getting free or very cheap shipping, otherwise you negate your discount!


Wait for clearance sales.

Sometimes school clothes and supplies go on clearance after school has started. If you can wait for some items, you may be able to get it at a steal.  If your student’s supply list doesn’t change much each year, try buying next year’s school supplies this fall on clearance!