Fee Schedule

Effective Date 5/15/2019

All fees are subject to change without notice

Type of Fee




Checking Account Fees Online Bill Payment Free Free
Checking Account Fees Return of Cancelled checks $20 per month
Checking Account Fees Inactive Checking $10 after 6 months no activity
Checking Account Fees Stop Payment Fee $30 per check or ACH item
Overdraft Fees* Returned Item Fee $30

per item due to uncollected or nonsufficient funds

per item presented to EquiShare that is written off member's account at another financial institution
Overdraft Fees* Courtesy Pay Fee $30 per item
Overdraft Fees* Overdraft Transfer Fee $10 per transfer from any deposit account or overdraft protection loan
*An overdraft fee may be imposed on any of the following transaction types: ACH, Debit or POS purchases in-person withdrawals, Online Bill Payment, or other electronic means
ATM/Debit Card Fees ATM Fees Free

unlimited transactions at all EquiShare Credit Union ATMs or CO-OP ATMS
each for more than 5 foreign ATM withdrawals (First 5 are FREE)
ATM/Debit Card Fees PIN Replacement Fee $5 sent by mail
ATM/Debit Card Fees Overnight Delivery $25 signature required
ATM/Debit Card Fees Foreign Currency Exchange 1.00% of the transaction amount
ATM/Debit Card Fees Card Replacement Fee $15 for lost/damaged Debit/ATM card(other than normal wear and tear
Deposit Account Fees Minimum Balance $5 per month if under $25.00 with no other services
Deposit Account Fees Account Closing Fee $25 if share account is closed within 12 months of opening
Deposit Account Fees Excess Money Market Withdrawal Fee $15 per withdrawal after exceeding 3 FREE withdrawals per month
Deposit Account Fees Dormant Account Fee $25 per quarter if the balance is less then $1000 and there has been no activity for more than 12 months
External Funds Transfer Fees Wire Transfer Fees $20


outgoing to US Bank

outgoing International Bank

Western Union
External Funds Transfer Fees Incoming Wire Fee $5

from a US Facility

from an International Facility
Service Fees Cashiers Checks Free

when written to member

when made payable to third party
Service Fees Counter Checks $5 Temporary over the counter checks (per 8)
Service Fees Money Orders $4 per money order maximum amount $1,000 each
Service Fees Convenience Fee $10 minimum or 1.50% per authorization using Visa, MasterCard, Discover or check by phone or internet
Miscellaneous Fees Account Research/Reconciliation Fee $30 per hour Minimum $15 charge may be requested to pay up front
Miscellaneous Fees Fax $1 per page US only
Miscellaneous Fees Lost Member $30 per quarter if statement/correspondence is returned from the last known address for 6 months.
Miscellaneous Fees Levies and Garnishments $35 per occurrence
Miscellaneous Fees Post Office Change of Address Notification $5 without prior notice
Miscellaneous Fees Photocopy $0.50 per copy
Miscellaneous Fees Statement or Check Copy $5 per page or check. FREE through Homebanking with E-Statements
Miscellaneous Fees Check reorder teller assisted $2 in person or by phone
Miscellaneous Fees Loan Coupon Books $10 per book
Miscellaneous Fees Collection Fee $20 charged after checking account has been negative for 30 days
Miscellaneous Fees Regulation D $6 plus $30 NSF per item covered when exceeded 6 Reg D transfers per month; Overdraft protection may be revoked after 2 months of noncompliance.
Miscellaneous Fees Employment Verfication $10 when charged by employer
Miscellaneous Fees Loan Processing Fee 2.00% of loan amount or $50 maximum (not subject Home Equity, Home Improvement or Overdraft Protection)
Miscellaneous Fees Reprint of 1098/1099 $5 each
Miscellaneous Fees Returned Deposit (BOFD) $30 each item
Miscellaneous Fees IRA Direct Transfer Out/IRA Closure $25
Miscellaneous Fees Individual Coin Counting Free Free
Miscellaneous Fees Business Coin Counting 1.00% of the amount counted

This information is accurate as of May 15, 2019. This information may have changed after this date. To obtain the changes to the fee schedule call: 316-263-6171 or write: 405 E Central, Wichita, KS 67202 Fax: 316-263-4407 Email: help@equishare.org